Sara Haile-Mariam is on her way.

At 27 the prolific lyricist, drummer, and vocalist for the roots-inspired electric blues, rock jazz outfit Music Bones has found unexpected things in the right places.

A graduate of New York University Sara was inspired by Barack Obama’s candidacy and at 20 found herself opining on national television on behalf of his campaign. In 2010 she moved to DC to work at the Center for American Progress.  She has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and CSPAN, created video products that garnered the attention of The Tonight Show, and has been published by The New York Times.  Disillusioned by partisan politics and unwilling to color inside the lines, Sara returned to New York to pursue other interests. Two years ago, a little bit of magic and a ten minute guitar lesson introduced her to her calling  One year ago, tendonitis and a Craigslist posting from guitarist Mike Sutjipto resulted in the creation of Music Bones.  Six months ago, Levon Helms and a life-changing meeting with mentor and 75 year old blues legend Beverly “Guitar” Watkins inspired her to take up the drums and reminded her to never give up. 

Immigrating to America when she was two, she is proof that anything is possible and intends to change the world.

She is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Freelance inquires can be sent to contact@sarahailemariam.com

Music Bones inquires can be sent to band@musicbonesmusic.com

Note: Contrary to lingering and persistent internet rumors, she is not the daughter of Ethiopian Dictator Mengustu Hailemariam. Her actual father can also be found on Twitter.