I’m not exactly sure what I’m hoping you do with this hashtag…

I guess I’m just hoping that you think, and feel, and do – frankly- anything that reflects the fact that you’ve both thought and felt something.  Petitions are stationary- they mostly live online, the names blur together, the number of signatures feels distant.  Rallies are immediate- we go to them- we feel something, we go home.  They serve a purpose.  As does anger, and sadness, and disgust.  But I’m sick of feeling those things…and those feelings tend to numb, eventually.

But, thoughts?

Thoughts are powerful.  Conversations make the difference.

I guess that’s what I’m hoping you do with this hashtag…

I’m hoping you use it.

CLICK HERE to visit the official donation page for Trayvon’s Family:

Song lyrics below the jump…

Little Plans

There’s a child solider. Living in our midst.
Did anybody hold her? Did she get a last kiss?
There’s a war raging. It’s not just overseas.
The troops set up for failure. Can someone recruit me?
Nobody sees the bodies… I’m not talking literally.
I’m talking bout the troops at home. The living casualties.

Little kids- little man- little lady- little plans.
It’s not their fault- they’ve got no choice- cause they’ve forgotten- they’ve got a voice…

You don’t need permission- to say what’s on your mind.
Don’t care what anybody thinks- the truth is yours to find.
Until they’ve proven they care- guess we’ll assume the worst…
But assuming is quite different- than stealing someone’s purse.

Little kids- little man- little lady- please take a stand.
Hard to smile- hard to stay poised- please remember- you’ve got a voice.

The moon is still the limit and the stars are not that far…

Lift yourself up.
Lend out a hand.
You’re not alone.
We’ll make a plan…

This I swear. It’s up to you. To get us there

Little kids- little man- little lady- let’s make a plan.
It’s not your fault- but it’s your choice.
Will you or won’t you, use your voice?


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